Wachusett Mountain, Massachusetts

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Mostly cloudy, temps in the low 20s. Storm moving in tonight. Today, made 4 runs on Ralph's and Challenger. Ralph's was similar to yesterday - really scratchy in spots with bally stuff on top. Really didn't feel great.

Challenger was interesting - there are some whales that need to drain still from all-day snowmaking yesterday; those were slick and hard to turn on. However, elsewhere, there was really soft manmade powder, especially on the flats. The pitches were really bumpy - lots of random terrain, but I think I skied it reasonably well.

Getting reasonably happy with my skiing - might be time to start working on things. Issue number 1: being able to last more than a few runs w/o my feet killing. It might be a suck it up situation.