Wachusett Mountain, Massachusetts

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Practice race night at the Wa. Temps in the mid-30s. Took four runs through the course, and all within about a second of the pacesetter, which is about right from last year. However, he was stripped down to a suit, and I was in full jacket, so ... pretty good.

Set was very straight - could almost tuck the entire thing. I started with two runs on the 27s, which were pretty natural, and then two runs on the 30s. The 30s were slower to come around than the 27s, but ... I think I can arc them pretty well once they're up to speed. Definitely a bit more difficult at slower speeds out of the start.

I would have liked to get a few more runs on them, but the snow outside the course was way too soft, and the 20+ minute wait at the top was too much.

Oh well. Generally a good day. Let's do it again soon.