Quechee Ski Hill, Vermont

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Mostly cloudy. Temps in the high 20s. Kind of winter like. Snow was pretty weird - the surface layer froze, but below that it was pretty chunky and soft and pretty blah.

I set two ~18-gate sections of SL on face - one from the start to below tower 6, and then another toward the bottom. Drill went straight to the bottom - not a good sign. Still, there wasn't much we had to move due to lack of snow.

I skied with the group, and after a couple of runs, I started to ski reasonably well on the '18 SLs. Got some decent snap on the hard snow, and kept the hips relatively over the feet, so didn't get in too much trouble. I'd like to get to the front of the ski a bit more to make a bit of a snappier arc, but honestly, for the first day of SL for the year after a few years of not really skiing any ... I'm pretty happy. Would love to do it again.

After lunch, took a handful of free runs on the '16 SLs. Generally had a good time. Found the best snow on the mountain on the flat to skiers left of the h-tow. Super hard, grippy snow, and was able to really get some reaction from the ski and good tight deflection across the hill. Super fun.