Quechee Ski Hill, Vermont

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Temps rising from the high 20s to the mid 40s. Bright, sunny day. We set some panel SL for the whole team on Face. Got down to a really amazing hard icy layer. I took a really hard fall while sideslipping (barely moving) and faceplanted pretty hard. Must have caught my shoulder or something, because it really hurts.

Still, after that, I took a bunch of runs, and really skied pretty well. Really happy. Really fun to be lapping with the crew too.

After lunch, took a lot of free runs with the remaining athletes. Quechee is really starting to struggle on coverage in spots - they definitely can be open next weekend, but I'm not sure they will be. So, really tried to savor the moment and enjoy the company of the kids and make every run count in case it's my last there.

Really fun day. Skied until the final bell. Super slushy, but still very enjoyable. I hope I get another chance to come back here. It's truly a wonderful place.