Butternut, Massachusetts

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Christmas day turns with my dad. Sunny, temps in the mid 30s. Since it was only my second time ever at Butternut, we went on a bit of a mountain tour, including the "other summit" all the way skiers left that I had no idea existed. Snow on the main mountain was way better - really quite excellent corduroy. On the other summit, snow was a bit scratchy, but the snowmaking whales were more prominent and really fun to play on, especially where it was a bit steeper and completely absorbing them wasn't possible (at least for me).

Best, most fun snow was probably on the green trail all the ways skiers right or on the trail immediately under the main lift that started out with decent pitch and then was a really fun runout. Was able to really go for it and get pretty good angles and snap from the ski. Really fun.

Skiing these last couple of days really reminded me why I love this sport.