Loveland, Colorado

Saturday, May 7, 2022

Sunny, temps around 50 in the parking lot. Four hours of freeski for what is probably my last day at Loveland this year. Started lapping a pretty slushy Ptarmigan which was pretty fun, getting really big angles. Then met up with Marty and headed over to 9, where we hit Jelly Roll/Castle Rock, which was ... solid. Then took another ride up 9, and it was just ... insanely windy. Really sketchy, holding on for dear life.

Went over to the cat, and struggled to get skis back on but took a run down Marmot, which was ... sublime. Just really awesome. Down to 8, where on the flat, just suuuuper sticky. Took another lap on 8, and then over to 4, and back to Ptarmigan, where we lapped for a while. Then, took a final lap on 9 to end the day.

Super fun. Really gonna miss this place, but ... today the flats were just super wet and super sticky, so I guess it's time.

Still, really glad I made it up. Still got a few days left at A-Basin, I hope.